Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

DC949 Trampstamp DC949 Stencil Photographing a Defcon Sign Capture The Packet Tamper Panda Troll Milling My Badge UV Test Injecting Solvents Tamper Panda Cutting a Tamper Evident Device Tamper Evident Tools Emergency Eyewash More Tamper Evident Devices Tamper Evident Devices Tamper Evident Contest Supplies Datagram Team MFP Mill Lockpicks DocWho DocWho Extreme Fez Cooling Liquid Nitrogen in the Fez Working on the Badge Challenge 303 Badge Box F-Bus and The 303 Badge He Designed 303 Badges Soldering a Cylon II Soldering in the NSL Hardware Hacking Village NSL ADK Boards Liquid Nitrogen Safe Deposit Box Door Ed Mohawking It Old School Computers Tamper Evident Competitor Nasty Chemicals Tamper Evident Contest Removing Tamper Evident Tape You Should Not Trust Public Kiosks With Your Smart Phone Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Ed Cutting F-Bus' Mohawk Xodia Defcon Radio Module Xodia, Jim and Punkrokk from Defcon Radio Batboobs Empty Beer Cans UncleEnz0 and DocWho Deviant Ollam Sampling The Chilled Beverage Captain Crunch Heating the 23b Beer Cooler Captain Crunch iPad Photos Dangerous Beer Cooler Cold Beer NSL Beverage Cooling Defcon Video Goon Card Painted Goon Badge Z36 Badge Spy, L0st and Ellen Lost's DC Key Goon Badge Defcon 19 Badge Prototype 1057 Custom Badge Defcon 19 UBER Badge