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Downtown Los Angeles Walkabout 1

Now that I'm 30 I've decided it is time to lose some weight. Part of that will involve adjusting my diet to lower my caloric intake. Another part will involve exercise. I am making the exercise part fun by going for an hour walk every day around Downtown and shooting photos along the way. I plan on going a different way each day to avoid monotony, today I walked over to Little Tokyo to drop off a Demand Warrant for DLANC. Here are a few photos I shot along the way:

Danger Dog Dealer

Road Closed : Marathon

Little Tokyo Lofts

You can check out the rest of my Downtown Walkabout photos here.

Update I totally forgot to mention that these were shot with my brand new lens, the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II. So far I'm really digging it. Also Jim Winstead pointed out the irony of my first choice of photo in a post about losing weight!

Danger Dog Dealer Enging 23 Truck Co. Enging 23 Truck Co. Wolfer Printing Building Wolfer Printing Brick Wolfer Printing Building Little Tokyo Lofts Industrial Spraypaint Little Tokyo Plaza Hello Kitty Knife Under Box I CANT GO CACA! 4th and Main Hole Downtown Cat Road Closed : Marathon

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