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Amy Winehouse (posterior), Stephen Marley, and Bus Driver : Coachella Friday : Part 2

So I missed my chance to get shots of Amy Winehouse from the photo pit, and I only got this lousy photo from backstage. After that I shot this photo of Stephen Marley from a filming platform:

Stephen Marley and Crowd

I got a whole bunch of shots of Bus Driver, who put on a great show. I was really impressed. I haven't seen him on the mic in many years, and his passionate performance was enthralling. His DJ even threw in some drum'n'bass. Good stuff:

Bus Driver

Bus Driver

You can see the rest of today's Coachella photos here.

Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver Crowd Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver

Brother Ali, Toki Wright, Flostradamus and Kid Sister : Coachella Friday : Part 1

Here are some of the photos I have taken so far today:

Hotshot the Robot

I caught a few minutes of Flostradamus featuring Kid Sister:

Kid Sister and Flostradamus

I then had some water and headed back over to the main stage to watch Brother Ali and Toki Wright:

Toki Wright and Brother Ali

Brother Ali

I got a photo of the large bottles of CO2 on the main stage... I'm guessing for an effect during Bjork's set. My EVDO is getting a much better signal now so the photos are uploading faster. I'll be shooting photos of Stephen Marley and Amy Winehouse and uploading them in a few hours, probably around 8pm. Keep and eye out for updates here or blogging.la.

Here are my: Coachella Thursday Photos and Coachella Friday Photos.

Stephen Marley and Crowd Amy Winehouse Kinetic Steam Works Fountain Clockwork Menagerie Dossier Vaudevilla Circque No Smokin Main Stage Set Times Main Stage Sound Guys Brother Ali and Crowd Toki Wright and Brother Ali Toki Wright abd Brother Ali Brother Ali Brother Ali Toki Wright and Brother Ali  Toki Wright

Thursday Night Coachella Photos

I took some photos last night at Coachella:

Thursday Night Grass at Coachella

You can see the rest of the photos here. I should say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I programed the Coachooser for Goldenvoice.

Film Crew in Artists Area Recycle Bin Kid Sister and Flostradamus Kid Sister and Flostradamus Hotshot the Robot Cyclecide Spinner