Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

siviak looks more red than arclight's j tis does not look pleased fire siviak tacitus and queeg siviak and sangria Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite Sunset at the campsite penelope sleeping yellow tanker truck tank Mission Mine rim some sort of rotary crusher mill the mill pile of lime the mill and elevator tower Desert Globemallow Desert Globemallow tank tap the ball mill view from the elevator tower penelope electro-werner generator badge emergency stop starter motor generator fan queeg generator exhaust random parts on the workbench DC Generator AC Generator air compressor vivid compressor vivid compressor room elevator tower crane and tractor vivified trashed storage container Golden Egg Mine Golden Egg Mine queeg's ass queeg and werner queeg and werner self portrait if you know, tell me unknown Notch-leaf Phacelia Little Gold Poppy Golden Egg gully engine2 Golden Egg gully Joshua Tree National Park penelope laughing ash and penelope lien and werner shack view Golden Egg Mine March 1, 1944 head frame cyanide pool golden egg mill ruins golden egg mill head frame and mill eecue penelope Joshua Tree National Park penelope Desert Chicory penelope and danozano penelope and danozano Rock Daisy Rock Daisy Yellow Cups Scented cryptantha Notch-leaf Phacelia flea and kallahar penelope, jim and danozano Joshua Tree National Park penelope Yellow Cups moonlit brown-eyed evening primrose moonlit desert lupine midnight sun penelope sleeping midnight sun midnight sun penelope sleeping flea in the smoke siviak checking out the sony t1 tacitus, pescador, flea and kelvin enjoy dutch ovens danozano ash and pen arclight ash penelope pescador ash and queeg jim con torch and penelope